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    Full CAVE Specs-
  Fully integrated double entry accounting
• Accounts Payable
–Vouching system
–Automatically select info from purchase orders
–Automatically select G/L codes from prior vouchers
–A/P cash flow aging
–Cash requirements reporting
–Note paid items as electronic transfers (no check)
–Check printing
–Check register
–Updates create appropriate journal entries
• Accounts Receivable
–Manual entries for adjustments when necessary
–Specialized entry for fast and accurate cash receipts
–Apply payments towards invoices for balance due
–inquires can be toggled from date sort to by invoice for easy matching
–Automatically display amount (balance) due
–Search customer account on the fly
–Aging Report by account (or any other criteria ie:rep, state)
–Forward aging report (anticipated cash flow)
–Updates create appropriate journal entries
• Inventory Control
–Maintain miscellaneous adjustments, i.e., counts, damages, etc.
–Transfer product from warehouse to warehouse
–Transfer product from location to location
–Searches include by lot or serial number
–Cycle counts and variance reporting
–Updates create appropriate journal entries
• General Ledger
–Journal entries
–Chart of accounts (multiple levels of divisions)
–Classic reporting
–Profit and loss
–Balance sheet
–Trial Balance
–Account Analysis
–Daily Journal Entries
• Budgeting
–Divisional chart of accounts
–Entry by fiscal period of month, quarter, year
–Profit and loss comparative report
–Balance sheet comparative report

Sales Order processing
•Copy & Backorder Utilities
•Select billing and shipping address
•Default information from customer address file
•Easily track status of orders
•All order terms may be maintained
•Separate notes for customer service, warehouse and shipping documents
•Line item view of ordered and shipped quantities
•Quick links to all associated files (ie:customer, product, etc.)
•Warnings for duplicate orders, credit limits and more.
•Fast product selection
•Product substitution system
•Automated pricing from multiple price list and quotations
•Warnings for inventory, duplicate items, quantity and pricing rules.
•Links to on line proof of delivery
•Multi state, county and city sales tax
•Display foreign currency value

Purchase Order processing
•Copy & Backorder Utilities
•Select pay to, ship from and ship to address
•Default information from vendor address file
•Easily track status of orders
•Import Tracking
–Tracking report
–In transit report
–Cargo insurance report
–Track orders by
–Consolidator and Consolidation ID
–Ports, Vessel, Voyage
–Container, Bill of lading, Cartons
–Maintain ship date, ETA to port and ETA to warehouse
–Smart update multiple PO's on one vessel
–Auto ETA dates by port
•Purchase in foreign currency
•All order terms may be maintained
•Separate notes for buyer, shipping and warehouse
•Line item view of ordered and received quantities
•Quick links to all associated files (ie:vendor, product, etc.)
•Fast product selection by vendor
•Automated pricing from prior orders and product files
•Detailed costing system
–All purchasing cost may be applied ie:
–FOB, duty and taxes
–Outland, Ocean and Inland freight
–Broker, Consolidation and Bank fees
–Commissions, Insurance, Rebates and more
–Duty rates are maintained via TSUSA
–FOB and Duty rates are applied by SKU
–Freight is applied by cube and weight
–Other fees applied by percent of FOB
–All Automatically-
•Automatic warnings and alerts

Powerful queries and reports

100% web-based solution

Credit Card Processing

Freight Estimating

Bar code printing

Import Tracking

Web Presence


CAVE reomves limits:
•Log on from anywhereMultiple units of measure
•Unlimited account contacts
•Unlimited quotes and price lists
•Multiple warehouses and locations
•Multiple shipping and billing addresses

  Real time inventory control and costing
• Product profiling
• Costing system maintains Standard, Average, Last ,FIFO and LIFO
• Inventory by warehouse and summary
• Inventory location system by warehouse
• Lot control
• Serial number tracking
• All inquiries are real time
• Allocate inventory by customer or sales rep
• Planning inquiry display future inventory positions
• Sales & Purchase order inquiries
• Maintain customer quotes and unlimited price listsmore
–Customer's can have a quoted price with effective and expiration dates
–Quotes can be based on minimum and maximum quantities
–Quotes may be for a specific SKU with a fixed price or percentage discount
–Quotes may be for a product line, sub product line or producer with percentage discount
–Customer's can be assigned a price list
–Price list can be percentages
–Price list can effect shipping terms and freight
–Price list can be assigned quotes with same features as above
–Quotes and Price list are unlimited, flexible and easy to maintain fitting any situation
• Wireless Palm OS inquiry
• Maintain internal and published (web) specifications

Manufacturing / Production
•Production Processing
•Bill of Materials -Unlimited Levels
•Routings (with steps, work centers and labor)
•Production of finished goods automatically reduces exploded bill of materials
•Cost Roll Ups
•Instantly see material usage
•Instantly see material requirements

Drill down queries and reports
•Queries and reports have fast links to connecting data
–Click on summarized number and retrieve details behind the figure
•Reports have numerous levels of detail
–Quickly summarize results ie:territory, rep, customer, product line
•Report figures on any customer or product profile
–Quickly see sales by state or past due by customer type

Hierarchical security administration
•Individually select level of access for each employee, sales rep, and customer
•Levels include viewing, modifying, adding, listing and reporting
•Users access can be limited or nonexistent when not in office, i.e., full access in office, only inquire
inventory out of office
•Set reps to only access their customer accounts
•Set customers to only access their account

Commission and Royalties
•Commission processing for sales reps
•Commission may be based on sales or margin
•Commission may be fixed or percentage
•Commission may be based on shipment or payment
•Margin based commissions utilizes separate item cost field
•Commission may be calculated for any period
•Sales reps can be for specific shipping addresses of accounts
•Rates can be customized by rep, customer, product line or sku
•Royalty Reporting for Suppliers
•Define royalty products and easily report to meet requirements

Calendar based minutes tracking system
•Track notes (minutes) by Customer, Vendor and Sales rep
•Minutes may have follow up date
•User security specifies which follow up minutes for automatic notice
•Minutes are excellent for customer collections
•Minutes are excellent for vendor negotiations
•Minutes are excellent for rep management

Automated bookmarking system
•See a list of every inquiry you made today
•Our automated bookmarking system automatically maintains itself
•You are only a click away from going to a prior inquiry
•Bookmarks are great for reviewing multiple items or accounts
•Bookmarks are great to quickly respond to returning calls

Product Profile
•Producer, Country
•Product Line, Sub line
•Plus 8 attributes to customize
(great for color, size, style, gender, material, etc.)
•Weights and Measures
•Multiple units of measure
•UPC code, Vendor ID, TSUSA and Freight Class
•Reorder quantities
•Free form notes and specs
•Instant access to pending orders and history
•Instant access to inventory summarized and by warehouse
•Instant access to planning requirements
•Instant access to costing and pricing
–and much more!

Customer Profile
•Unlimited billing and shipping addresses
•Federal and State ID's
•Duns No with associated web link
•Unlimited Contact names, numbers, and email addresses
•Sales rep., country, territory, SIC, Type, Class
•Plus 8 attributes to customize (great for market, category, etc.)
•Default values for new orders
•Free form notes
•Web link to driving directions and credit sites
•Instant access to billing and aging
•Instant access to year over year sales history summarized and by product
•Instant access open orders and history
•Instant access custom pricing and allocations
–and much more!

Vendor Profile
•Unlimited pay to and ship from addresses
•Federal and State ID's
•Duns No with associated web link
•Unlimited Contact names, numbers, and email addresses
•Sales rep., country, territory, SIC, Type, Class
•Plus 8 attributes to customize (great for market, category, etc.)
•Default values for new orders
•Free form notes
•Instant access to accounts payable
•Instant access open orders and history
–and much more!

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